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  • Tori's Hen Sofa © Sue Schlabach

    Walking Your Hen. Vermont. Paris.

    Tori and her chicken Wanda, Marguerite and her Parisian chicken

  • Paris Puces © Sue Schlabach

    Paris Puces

    Summer ended in a flurry of planning and packing for a sojourn to Paris and London in September. I returned to autumn weather, and writing has taken a backseat to the last frenzy of outdoor work and living. But now, with photos sorted—at last—I’m remembering Paris flea markets. I love a Paris flea market like…

  • Foggy Morning Paris Awaits © Sue Schlabach

    Foggy Mornings, Paris Awaits

    August left and so did the feeling of summer. Greg Brown sings, “One day fall appears with a chilly dawn,” and we know how that feels. I like the shift, to be honest. And each year when this shift happens I try to get some garden time in while I pack my bags to head…

  • French notions © Sue Schlabach

    Petit Pan Paris

    Early September, my last day in Paris. I was tired and pledged not to overdo it. Take photographs. Write notes. Draw sketches. But Paris has a habit of luring me up streets and around corners. In the end I walked about 1o miles. The weather was good—the morning rain turning to sunshine, warm, no wind.…

  • St Regis Paris © Sue Schlabach

    Sunday Morning, Paris

    7:30 on a Sunday morning in Paris is mostly quiet. The streets are deserted, but littered with debris left by the revelers of Saturday night. In empty cobbled passageways the flutter of pigeons’ wings passing between the roofs is the only sound to join the clicking of my own heels. At the river, the beeps…

  • Paris bird © Sue Schlabach

    Paris in the Rearview

    It is the day after a longest day. A day of traversing timezones and crossing continents and oceans. So here I am in my own timezone feeling a little like I’ve been run over by a car. Nothing another cup of tea won’t cure. And a few more nights of sleep. My body could also…

  • Paris Cafe © Sue Schlabach

    Paris in the Evening

    Day two in Paris was spent awake. Yesterday was the knuckle-scraping-drag-ourselves-around day after the red eye flight. But we ended with pastries from this boulangerie in our neighborhood near the Bastille. Tarte de Pomme. Bon nuit.

  • Sweet Paul on SueSchlabach.com

    Blue and White, Anticipating Gateaux, and Simmering Onion Marmalade

    Thanks to Britta at MyBlackBookParis for reminding me about Sweet Paul, the beautiful on-line magazine and brainchild of food stylist Paul Lowe. The combination of blue and white seems to be popping up in a lot of places this spring and I particularly liked these summer flowers arranged at different heights and the postage stamp…