Bud’s Barn

Bud’s Barn

14×11″, acrylic on board, cradled 1-5/8″ birch mount


I painted this in July 2020 a few minutes walk from my house. This is a barn referred to as Bud’s Barn throughout my neighborhood. Bud and his wife Polly occupied the neighboring farmhouse and are fondly remembered as the ones who set a tone of tolerance and kindness to all who came to this rural Vermont village. They are no longer living, but their legacy lives on with all who knew them. My neighbor JJ Overstreet and I set up and did a plein air session on the hill just above Bud’s barn. It was hot. The sun shifted and we came away with a few extra mosquito bites, but this work is the result of that day and a little follow up in the studio.

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